Elevate Your Game With The Smart Baller Program. Personalized Coaching from WNBL star Britt Smart using the True Coach App.

Smart X-Factors

Just some of the features and benefits of the game-changing BSmart Basketball Program

Playbook Access

Upon sign up, you will be given complete access to all programs and the Smart Playbook

Personal Form Coaching

Form videos that are sent in are individually coached with direct and immediate feedback personalised to each athlete, to make sure they are getting the best out of each workout

Instructional Videos

Each workout has video guides to allow for you to jump straight into your workout in the easiest and quickest way possible.

great price

Everything we know, we share with you from 79 AUD per month*! No program offers this much information, experience, or support at this rate.

Access to the app

True Coach is a user friendly app, where we pay for you to have an account on there for a clean, clear set up to our Smart Basketball Program

Program Levels

There are Levels of Strength, and multiple levels of basketball skill to avoid complacency and plateaus. With standards to achieve in each movement, to provide a clear vision, immediate action and create momentum.​

The Smart Programs in 90 seconds

Offering an easy approach to becoming an All-Around Athlete. 

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The purpose of BSmart Basketball

The Smart Baller Program

BSmart Basketball builds your game and your strength from the bottom to the top with our Smart Baller and Smart Strength Programs.  
We then supplement this with the Ultimate Teammate program where we mentor you in how to live smart to supplement your performance!

Britt's Exclusive online strength + skill program just $59 per month for Sabres players!

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Answers to the questions that I’m asked most often about my programs and training.

1. Press the sign up button on the home page, choose your preferred program and follow the steps to complete your sign up.
2. Choose your subscription duration of choice.
3.  From there you will get confirmation emails that will give you directions on how to download the free app, make a free account and your workout will pop up!

There are 2 Main Online Programs: The Smart Athlete Program and The Smart Baller Program. Both are a 12 week bullet-proofing program and offer 3 Levels of Standards to avoid plateau. There are online instructional videos and demonstrations where I show you how to do and get the most out of your program.

The Programs are for all ages with a scalable method to meet you where you are at this moment in your athlete journey.  If you are signing up and under 18 years old though, you will  need parental consent.

That is okay! These programs are steps to take to reach your full painfree potential.  They will make you versatile no matter what your goals are.  Your goals may be to be the most active grandparent out there, to be a professional athlete.  Either way, these programs can get you to where you want to be.

No!  The Athlete programs have Speed, and Jumping Skill specific days, while the Baller Programs have Basketball Skill specific days. There are also bonus programs that don’t involve basketball skill either.

Simply sign into your account using the My Account button and cancel your subscription directly in the dashboard. 

We sure do! It’s $60 for 30 mins $110 for $60 mins
If you have a group of 5 or more it’s $25 per athlete per hour.

britt Smart the athlete

An insight on Brittany’s journey starting from a small town player to a 14 year professional career.  Underestimated, and overlooked her X-Factor mentality led her to contracts across Europe and landing in Australia. 



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