The Smart Story

In this Playbook chapter we cover all of the life lessons I have learned and believe are important to be a well rounded athlete and a well rounded person. 
To reach potential and the height of our fitness and wellbeing it’s how we handle all the things that sport has taught us along the way.
It’s the journey, the adversity and how we reflect on the past, hold ourselves in the present and carry ourselves in the future.

The bulk of this course are the life lessons that I learned and share with you of certain characteristics that can be applied immediately that will help your performance, health, and mindset.

This accumulation cannot go without giving credit where credit is due.  My coaches, mentors, family and friends have all been a huge part in creating the type of athlete, person and coach I am now and continuing to strive to be.  Everything you see is a collaboration from my experiences and the wisdom humbly passed on to me.  Forever I am grateful!

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