Big B Thanks

A BSmart Thank you to my Mentors + Coaches

"Who you surround yourself with is who you become"

I would not be where I am today without mentors in every area of my life. Almost every area of my life I can accredit to the advice of parents, coaches, teammates, and role models

BSmart Basketball would have not come to life without these unselfish leaders, willing to share their knowledge with me. They held nothing back and have coached me and supported me with a servant’s heart.


My Business Partners and support system who believed in my product and gave me the confidence to put BSmart Basketball together and present opportunities for me to reach my goal of sharing my knowledge and experience to others.  Their guidance has allowed BSmart Basketball to come to  life! @theludusdotco


My Mom, Elaine Zuk and my Dad, Mike Smart

They are my biggest supporters who introduced the sport to me, and allowed me to reach after my passions and seek opportunities for me to play basketball. 


Chastity Slone

My Personal Trainer who taught me how to work hard, be disciplined, and get tough.


Jimmy Clayton

My Basketball Mentor, where He gave me an in-depth understanding of basketball, and breaking down the fundamentals. @sportscityubasketball


Susie Jarosch

My agent and my friend, who has been with me every step of the way. From Belgium, to Sweden, to Australia. Giving me opportunities to sign 15 Professional Contracts across the world.


Johanna Ericcsson

My Swedish Coach who believed in my while injured and gave me a second chance.


Ben Patrick

My Online Athletic Mentor who taught me how to trust my knees and build a program to allow me to start my journey of being able to play pain-free! @kneesovertoesguy 


Jeffrey Wolf

My Online Flexibility mentor which has shown me a whole new world of what flexibility means, and how it should be involved in daily training. @theflexibull 


Keegan Smith

My Strength Mentor who unselfishly and humbly shares all of his knowledge and abilities on Freedom of movement and athletic potential. @ATGmentor


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