About Britt Smart

Born in Xenia, Ohio, USA
Attended Cedarville University
Personal Fitness Trainer since 2009
Professional Basketball Player in Belgium, Sweden, and Australia
Currently playing in the WNBL 

Bachelor’s of Arts in Sports Exercise
Minor in Coaching and Bible

Certified Personal Trainer in Level III + IV

Brittany encourages people to see health and fitness as a way of living, not as a fad or diet. She knows that by taking continuous care of your body and mind, you can add quality years to life by making it more enjoyable and help with the emotional side.  Brittany has been able to stay motivated and be her best by being surrounded by positive relationships  and supportive networks.

She is often described by others as someone who is constantly looking for ways to better herself, and others.  This “X” factor and drive has led to personal success, on and off the court.

Brittany lives by the mantra: “Health is wealth.”

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