Britt's all girls basketball camp

Send your basketball fanatics to join WNBL and NBL1 star Britt Smart at 3street this school holiday. Packed full of skills, shooting, strength and flexibility and a great basketball education, just for girls at 3Street in Altona!

Friday 22nd September 10am – 2pm @ 3Street Altona

Join WNBL and NBL1 superstar Britt Smart

NBL1 superstar Britt Smart has played basketball around the world, from Sweden to Australia and since 2015 has been a mainstay in the Australian basketball league. She plays both WNBL and NBL1 and has been Guard of the Year,  Most Valuable Player (MVP) , Players’ Player and so much more. She’s been successful at every team she’s played in and now she wants to share that knowledge and success with a new generation in her Balliday camps. 


$ 50
  • Friday 22nd September
  • 10am - 2pm
  • Skills, Games, Shooting, Strength, Flexibility and Education
  • 3Street, 61 Dohertys Rd, Altona North, VIC, Australia 3025

Why attend the All Girl camps?

Just some of the features and benefits of this fantastic holiday camp!


Learn skills direct from one of the leading basketball players in the country!


Learn the right form for your game and set the foundations for the future!


Learn shooting form, control and aim from one of NBL1's leading shooters.

great price

Just $50 per day for coaching by one of NBL1's top players

Informative and Entertaining

Britt ensures that everyone is motivated and involved as she provides advice and coaching as only she knows how!

Improve your game

Experience-based sessions that are suitable for a range of ages and all skill levels.


Answers to the questions that I’m asked most often about my programs and training.

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There will be skills and strength sessions as well as games and competitions. Every that’s required to keep everyone engages, entertained and improving!

The sessions are available for a range of ages beginning at under 12 grouping. 

A bottle of water!

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britt Smart the athlete

An insight on Brittany’s journey starting from a small town player to a 14 year professional career.  Underestimated, and overlooked her X-Factor mentality led her to contracts across Europe and landing in Australia. 



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