Britt’s 12 Days Of Xmas Holiday Workout


Presenting Britt’s 12 Days of Christmas Holiday Workout—a festive fitness extravaganza designed for individuals of all fitness levels and holiday enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re a yuletide beginner or a seasoned fitness elf, this program offers a holly-jolly entry point to jumpstart or enhance your fitness journey during the most wonderful time of the year. The enchantment of this program lies in its holiday spirit—requiring no specialized equipment, it empowers you to indulge in spirited workouts with a touch of festive cheer anytime, anywhere.

Unwrap the magic of your cardiovascular system and agility with a program lovingly crafted to cater to the diverse fitness needs of Santa’s workshop. This all-encompassing fitness solution is as versatile as Santa’s sleigh, ensuring that users with varying fitness backgrounds can seamlessly incorporate it into their routines, even in the midst of holiday preparations. Bid farewell to the constraints of traditional workout settings, as this program allows you to dance through a winter wonderland of fitness, embracing a healthier lifestyle on your own festive terms. Embark on your fitness journey effortlessly with our Cardio/High Intensity and Agility Program—your golden ticket to a more active and vibrant holiday season, all curated by the jolly basketball legend, Britt Smart.


General Guidelines Holiday Program:

  • Stay Focused throughout the Holidays.
  • This is strictly a Cardio/High Intensity and Agility Program for all types of people and athletes.
  • No matter where you are on your fitness journey, this is an easy way to get started.
  • No equipment needed and can be done anytime anywhere.
  • 12 Workouts and 2 bonus workouts all under 10 minutes
  • Ideally perform at least 3 workouts a weekNow, let’s unveil the merry lineup of workouts:
    1. WOD #1 – Jingle Skips Workout
    2. WOD #2 – Squatmas Workout
    3. WOD #3 – Three French Hens Workout
    4. WOD #4 – Old Saint Knee-klaus
    5. WOD #5 – Five Golden Rings Workout
    6. WOD #6 – Mistletoe Agility Workout
    7. WOD #7 – Have a Holly-Jolly Sprint Workout
    8. WOD #8 – Eight Maids-a-Burpeeying
    9. WOD #9 – Blitzen Workout
    10. WOD #10 – Lords-a-Leaping Workout
    11. WOD #11 – Jolly Santa Workout
    12. WOD #12 – Lungemas Workout Bonus WOD #13 – New Year’s Eve Bonus WOD #14 – New Year’s Day

    Unleash the festive power of these workouts and make your holiday season merrier and healthier!


Plan and Prepare: Put in your schedule when you will do your workouts for the week and where.

Accountability: Do them with a friend, family member or even a teammate.

Competition: See how fast you can complete a workout, or how many rounds/repetitions you can accomplish in a certain time period.

Write down your time and total rounds/repetitions and try and beat your score the next time you repeat the workout!

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