The Smart Strength Program

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$99 per month

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$269 every 3 months

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$949 annually

  • Strength Training for 3 days a week 
  • Elasticity Training 2 days a week which includes: Conditioning + Speed + Jumping. 
  • The Daily 5 stretches for more pain free range and flexibility!

BSmart Strength focuses on building your Strength, Speed and Jumping ability from the bottom to the top with the ability to unlock levels as you go to reach your potential and avoid plateaus.
I won’t hold you back nor will I push you further than you feel comfortable.

You are free to move through these levels as you see fit.

To get the most out of your training, the sign up entry point for all is the Starter Level. Other levels can be accessed upon request.
Starter Level: No Equipment needed! Building your body from the ground up mastering your own body weight, with pain-free measurements to achieve.
Elite Level:  More load, more range and 4 upper body exercises added in with a new set of measurable and achievable standards to perform.
MVP Level:  Dynamic movements are added in, with new lower body and upper body options, becoming dominant in each movement with new standards to achieve with perfect form.:


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What do you get by signing up with BSmart Strength?

7 reasons why you should B.Smart with your training!

  1. Bulletproof Strength Training
  2. Elasticity Training- Speed, Jumps or basketball skill work.
  3. Form Coached by sending in videos/photos of your workouts
  4. Instructional videos for each movement to get the most of out of your training
  5. Full access to the True Coach App paid for by BSmart Basketball
  6. Full access to all bonus programs and future programs
  7. Private Members Only Login page- Smart Strategy/philosophy  for a more in-depth look on how BSmart Basketball works. Study Smart – full in depth access to all written programs, videos and tips/secrets from all of my experiences and studies. 

The Smart Strength Program gives a balanced and versatile approach to becoming the All Around Athlete.

Whether you are an athlete playing a team sport, an individual sport, or simply playing the sport of “life” – all athletes require pain free versatility, strength and range in movement.

From grandparents wanting to play with their grandkids, all the way through to wanting to be an Olympian, then program is for you!

The Smart Strength Program provides a clear cut, versatile protocol for pain free longevity.

What’s different about BSmart Strength?

  • It’s one of the only online programs out there that is coached by an active and current professional athlete.  
  • Who is still in the trenches of reaching their potential and still go through the same ups and downs that the Smart Athletes/Ballers do. 
  • Therefore, we have the ability to relate to the members at a high level. 
  • In real time, we fully understand the need to always be looking, creating and providing immediate solutions for our members to provide the best protocols to reach pain free versatility and longevity!
  • BSmart Basketball is one of the only online Basketball Coaching Programs that offers a step by step skill protocol. Building your game from the ground up with  instructional videos, demonstrations and form coaching!

Smart Strength Philosophy

Build your body from the ground up. Beginning with 12 weeks on the Starter Program with standards to advance you to the 12 weeks with Elite Strength which brings you 12 weeks of a whole new set of Standards to reach MVP Strength! 

Making sure:

  • your ankles are strong enough for your knees, 
  • your knees for your hips,
  • your hips for your back,
  • and your back for your upper body



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