The Ultimate Teammate Program

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$99 per month

Pay quarterly and SAVE 10%!
$269 every 3 months

Pay annually and SAVE 20%!
$949 annually

The Mentorship program are weekly 1 minute contemplation videos about life’s ups and downs, societal issues and an opportunity for me to hear from you and have healthy discussions on life’s wonderments.

Not only do I want to be your coach, I would love to be your best teammate, fave fan, biggest supporter.

It’s vital for survival that we know how to problem solves. So that we feel confident when we come face to face with the adversities life throws at you. It will provide you a better understanding of current issues, and problems and allow through contemplation the solutions to these issues.

I would love to hear from you and make this a two way street. I want to find out what makes you tick, and what fears you have. What motivates you and also what holds you back.


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What do you get by signing up with BSmart Basketball?

7 reasons why you should B.Smart with your training!

  1. Bulletproof Strength Training
  2. Elasticity Training- Speed, Jumps or basketball skill work.
  3. Form Coached by sending in videos/photos of your workouts
  4. Instructional videos for each movement to get the most of out of your training
  5. Full access to the True Coach App paid for by BSmart Basketball
  6. Full access to all bonus programs and future programs
  7. Private Members Only Login page- Smart Strategy/philosophy  for a more in-depth look on how BSmart Basketball works. Study Smart – full in depth access to all written programs, videos and tips/secrets from all of my experiences and studies. 

What’s different about BSmart Basketball?

  • It’s one of the only online programs out there that is coached by an active and current professional athlete.  
  • Who is still in the trenches of reaching their potential and still go through the same ups and downs that the Smart Athletes and Ballers do. 
  • Therefore, we have the ability to relate to the members at a high level. 
  • In real time, we fully understand the need to always be looking, creating and providing immediate solutions for our members to provide the best protocols to reach pain free versatility and longevity!
  • BSmart Basketball is one of the only online Basketball Coaching Programs that offers a step by step skill protocol. Building your game from the ground up with  instructional videos, demonstrations and form coaching!

Smart Baller Philosophy

It Builds your game from the ground up. Beginning with 12 weeks on the Starter Program with foundational dribbling, shooting, and footwork standards to advance you to the Elite Baller Program, which then prepares you for MVP Baller skills! 

  1. Starter Bronze – The basics will get you going on developing your game and getting your form coached so you can then progress to Starter Silver, Starter Gold and up to The Elite Baller Program.
  2. Elite Bronze – Taking what you learned from the Starter program and adding in some Go-To moves to your tool box!  Elite Silver, and Elite Gold build up on these Go-To moves.
  3. MVP Bronze- Now you have the foundations to start taking these Go – To moves and adding in counter moves! Going from MVP Bronze, to MVP Silver and MVP Gold will make you into an all around Go- To player!

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