Smart Champions

What is a Smart Champion? 

What level of a Smart Champion are you and what does it take to be one?

There are Smart Standards in each level of the program as you know, which you should be able to perform with perfect painfree form to set yourself up for the next level.  

To be a champion of each level, movement, skill or drills, we have a Chart of Champions. 

Where you can complete each of these requirements for a certain amount of time, weight, reps, or makes etc, with no pain and perfect form.  

Once all of these are achieved you will then become a Smart Champion of that Level. 

So you could be a Starter Champion in all of those drills and movements, and then keep working your way up to become an Elite champion, an MVP Champion and  Pro Champion.  

The Chart provides specific tangible goals, and creates healthy competition with yourself to become better.  There is no time for complacency, or plateaus.  

So it’s time to become the best Smart Champion you could possibly be!

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