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In the Smart Playbook not only do we go through the details of the main programs but we also cover the individual programs that go into the Smart Athlete and the Smart Programs.  They are small extensions from the 3 main programs to provide a more intense focus or intention on a specific skill or modality. 

We also have specialized programs that are separate from the 3 main programs to add well rounded, versatile training and life habits.

We also have the written vision of extra/bonus programs so you know and understand the full depth of all BSmart Athletic has to offer.  These may suit some more as they are more specific and solve the problem if you have little time, lack of flexibility, or the option of a program to follow during your basketball season.

This accumulation cannot go without giving credit where credit is due.  My coaches, mentors, family and friends have all been a huge part in creating the type of athlete, person and coach I am now and continuing to strive to be.  Everything you see is a collaboration from my experiences and the wisdom humbly passed on to me.  Forever I am grateful!

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