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In this chapter of the Playbook we have a mix of Podcasts and youtube videos on my Career Findings, along with a variety of Life Discoveries and Hot Topics!

Did you see the nonsense from the NCAA College Basketball tournament? It’s so easy to get simple things right – how do they get it so wrong?! – Witsup and I discuss Gender Inequality in Sport.

My High School Sports Journalist Jim Dabbelt and I discuss where I started and my journey to where I am today!

Metabolic nutritionist link-  Brittany Smart: Athletic Training and the Evolution of Diet, Balancing Career with Training 

Take a look and listen to this interview from Focus Hoops, a British podcast group that focuses on international basketball players and leagues! Here is my interview with them below about my background, my professional career, and my current happenings

In this Episode I join Coach Ernie Williams of @ehoopsperformance.  She is a youth mentor and an retired professional hooper! We talk all things basketball + mentality!

In this episode of Magnus Sermo I joined two-time World Champion, three-time Olympian and Olympic gold medalist rower Kim Brennan AM, journalist and founder of WITSUP.com Stef Hanson, State and WBBL cricketer Emma Manix-Geeves to talk about gender bias in sport, equality, the (giant) pay gap and much more.

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