Smart Short Stories

In this chapter of the Playbook we cover all of the life lessons and my journey of where I’ve been and what I have learned that I believe are important, to be a well rounded athlete and a well rounded person. 
To reach potential and the height of our fitness and wellbeing it’s how we handle all the things that sport has taught us along the way.

My game has always been built on hard work and discipline first which allowed for my skill to shine thereafter.

14 Pro years… and counting. It’s more than just a game. 
A Flashback over the last 14 years (not counting 4 years of college ball) and the teams I’ve played for and the lessons I’ve learned and continue to learn. 

Belgium, Liege (2yrs) – Positive body language as not many teammates spoke English. Learning to show love through my actions, reactions and expressions. 

Sweden, Göteberg (3yrs) – Resiliency, discipline and consistency. This is where I tore my ACL and took on the challenge to return to the game. 

Sweden, Luleå (1yr) – Learning how to win and what sacrifices needed to be made to win at the professional level, with winning Luleå’s first Swedish Championship. 

Sandringham, Australia (3yrs) Making the move from Europe to Australia and having to kind of start o et to prove myself and to others that I can contribute in the top league. 

Melbourne, Australia (3yrs) – Learned to take my game to another level and be pushed with different schemes and becoming a versatile player. 

Hobart, Australia (1yr) – Learned how to involve players and use them in ways that puts them in successful situations. 

Sydney, Australia (2yrs)  – Tested again with patience with another common basketball injury, having an ankle reco. And the adjustments needing to be made as a veteran player. 

Canberra, Australia (1yr) – Joining a team of champions and how to mold into their culture and system and find my value and niche that best helps the team.
The game has given me joy, and purpose, along with life lessons, travel and adventure etc.  Though I love the joy the game brings me and the art behind the game but….It’s more than just a game. 

A quick background feature on when I made the move from Melbourne to Sydney, along with my family background.

It’s the journey, the adversity and how we reflect on the past, hold ourselves in the present and carry ourselves in the future.The bulk of this course are the life lessons that I learned and share with you of certain characteristics that can be applied immediately that will help your performance, health, and mindset.

This accumulation cannot go without giving credit where credit is due.  My coaches, mentors, family and friends have all been a huge part in creating the type of athlete, person and coach I am now and continuing to strive to be.  Everything you see is a collaboration from my experiences and the wisdom humbly passed on to me.  Forever I am grateful!
I’ve presented this course in short small stories of my personal experience of resilience and being the underdog. 
My personal findings, and experiences on my career and how I get to where I am today.

My goals in life

Avoiding, Unnecessary Adversity–  Preparation can take away a lot of controllable grief and here’s a physical step by step checklist I go through to give myself the best chance possible to succeed.

  • Head- mental toughness, belief
  • Heart- passion, purpose, deep meaning or reason to pursue a goal
  • Hands- write down goals, a plan, habits
  • Legs- legs support you… but spiritually/emotionally who is in your corner? Who’s your support system, how is your environment?
Check out a quick highlight reel of some in game footage of your coach! Paving the path and being the example for a long, pain-free career!

The Underdog Mentality

  • Personal Motivation behind BSmart Basketball…. Personal moments drove me to find solutions to the problems I had and what others had: 
  • The Criticism:
  • I had to pay for my own professional try out
  • I Took pay cuts- and wasn’t recruited to come to australia. I asked coaches if there was a spot on their team.
  • I was a small kid, and went to a small school 
  • I moved around, went to small college etc. I was short, skinny, and didn’t look the part. 
  • I was skilled from all the hard work but I needed to become more athletic. 
  • There were questions about whether I could play with big school athletes and if I was versatile enough or had what it took to compete with the best.
From not “looking” the part in HIgh School and college to 14 years professional.

My Response- My High school and College response to all of the haters…

  • I averaged 30 points per game in High School (more than lebron, that same year), and led the whole state of Ohio.
  • I was named player of the year in college my senior year
  • Lead and still hold the record in Ohio for most totall college points scored in their college career in men and women. 
  • I’ve then gone on to play 14 years profession in 3 different countries, and 6 teams.

My Adversity – Along with the haters from above, I proved myself, and it prepared me for the future adversity that came my way, that I had to overcome.  Here are some main hurdles I had to jump in each country during my career.

  • Belgium- language, body language, friendly, think before i spoke. Instil belief.
  • Sweden- injury- skip steps- 
  • Australia- versatility, play a big role in any team, adjust to the style, some injuries….which led to all around athlete programs etc. 

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