In this chapter of the Smart Playbook course I give some little tips and hints on particular strength movements and basketball Skills, and general fitness.  Skipping over a lot of small details, can come together as one huge detail that is missed in your fitness or in your game.

Below are some extra little tid-bits I have found that can add that 1% extra to reach your potential and your success.  I will feed new 1%-Ers on a consistent basis so watch this space closely and keep checking in

I hold no information back from you and leave no stone unturned, and share with you everything I know! I urge you to seek every avenue, resource and detail that may be the difference between just being good or being great!

This accumulation cannot go without giving credit where credit is due.  My coaches, mentors, family and friends have all been a huge part in creating the type of athlete, person and coach I am now and continuing to strive to be.  Everything you see is a collaboration from my experiences and the wisdom humbly passed on to me.  Forever I am grateful!

Smart 1%-Ers:

Why Floss? Smart Flossing https://youtu.be/yWodzCUX8NE
  • The Smart Athlete Program is all about prepping the body and preparing it so you don’t have to repair.
    Floss bands are a great way to get fresh blood to a weaker/painful area and start the healing process quickly.
  • Where to floss? Ankles, knees, shoulders, elbows etc…. joints
  • Why floss? Takes away pain, Helps with blood circulation, Increased Range of motion, improves Calf strength, and breaks down scar tissue.
  • When to floss? When you have an area that’s giving you pain, Before trainings/games, After trainings/ games, and also After an injury (once swelling has gone down)
  • How often? As needed. No limits. As often as you want to!

Make Stretching a priority! Do the daily 5 set in your programs and become a supple athlete!

The Method:
– Flossing (voodoo band)
– Full range of ankle movements
– Load

The ankle is first joint that’s used with every step we take.
Therefore is needs to be our first joint of focus to start properly strength training from the ground.
– Ankle – Knee – Hip
– Bonus: the farther your knees can go over your toes (ankle mobility) you lessen your risks of knee injuries.

BSmart Basketball trains you from the BOTTOM to the TOP in all three of the strength levels.
From STARTER, to ELITE, to MVP. Thanks to @kneesovertoesguy for the guidance!

  • In – Season Staples – Check out what my 4 staples are in this clip
  • What are Smart Staples:
    -Things that cannot be passed up and need to be in your routine to achieve success.
    -Movements, habits, and disciplines that are necessary for your performance.
  • These are my 4 Smart Staples: Unilateral work (Split Squats), Knee health / strength (KOT Squats + Reverse Sled), Mental Elasticity (juggling), and Floss Bands for recovery
  • What are your In-Season “must haves?”

  • Smart Standards (Avoiding complacency) How do you achieve breakthroughs, avoid complacency and plateaus? Check out this clip and the read below – https://www.instagram.com/p/CFqICV8j_sf/
  • I follow these Smart Essentials:
    1. Standards – time, reps, makes, misses, tests and measurements
    2. Levels to Unlock
    3. Ratios/ Percentages to achieve
    4. Compete/ Perform
  • BSmart has all of these 4 components. Standards for each of the levels, a goal to reach and then onto the next, something to strive for, a place to write down your measurements, and these things encompass the 4th focus of giving you the platform to compete against yourself and be better the next day!
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