Associations and Franchises

I’ve been blessed to have had the experiences I have had all over the world in the Basketball world and Fitness World. I just want to give a shout out to them and share who I have had the honour to collaborate with. I’ve worked with some amazing teams, individuals, companies and businesses!

So here are a bit of my experience in coaching basketball teams, associations as well as Strength and Conditioning coaching.


  • Basketball X – Curriculum + Specialist Basketball Coach. Delivering Game Day Ready Blueprint + other BSmart Basketball Curriculum –
  • CoffsHarbour – High Performance Coach where we covered mostly the BSmart Basketball Fundamentals for all rep team age groups! We did a 4 part series completing playmaking skills from the ground up, as well as doing some small group game scenarios.
  • Hills Hornets – off season program, bulletproof program (prehab), fitness testing. Hills Hornets Representative Program has a long history of achievements. Through the years, the program has produced some great athletes and officials. With numerous state players, coaches and officials, several NBL, WNBL and Australian representative, the Hornets program has become a leader in development.
  • Sports City U Basketball –
    I did my Internship here where I really honed in on the fundamentals of my game and also gaining the ability to then know how to breakdown the game of basketball and coach it to others.
  • Oakleigh Warriors Basketball Head Coach
    I coached for 2 seasons U16 Rep girls and U18 Rep girls. I also Co-headed the whole Domestic and Rep girls program. Building it from the ground up, by creating teams and a home for basketballers
  • AAU Swiss Team Head Coach – I had great experience of being head coach to a wonderful group of young high schoolers play their summer ball as we traveled around all of Ohio competing against the best in the area!
  • JV Head Coach and Varsity Assistant Coach at Kenosha Christian Life High School

  • Crossfit St. Kilda-
    Located in Melbourne, Australia, I coached for 2 years at CFStK where I was able to work with adults all over the world, men and woman on how to move well, and break barriers.
  • Crossfit Holistic- – Located In Lulea, Sweden I coached Group Strength and Conditioning classes where I learned to communicate and reach people from a different culture and environment to reach their goals.
  • Crossfit Gota- Located in the South of Sweden, in Gothenberg, I really became a part of the family and learned to relate to all types of people and get my points across even in a country speaking a different language. I love how fitness, movement and basketball is a love language in itself and can be communicated through the expression of our bodies.
  • Crossfit 8848 – Located here in Sandringham, Australia, I was a lead Crossfit coach here, by coaching group classes, and Crossfit kids. I also programmed and head coached 2 in-house CrossFit Competitions.
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